and personality – across all forms of athletics – than ANY championship title he may have earned on a motorcycle.



As Always…He’ll Do It His Way!
Along with switching up the collection of products now and then, I’ve also decided to have a little fun with the website. All these years, there’s only been one side of the Hurricane that’s been reported – the media’s side! And as some of you old-schooled fans know…he wasn’t exactly breaking bread with them on Sunday. But did you know he was also being black mailed at that time…hmmmm. There’s A LOT you don’t know about the Hurricane. Let me describe it to you this way…imagine reporting on a Category 5 Hurricane that’s about to hit shore – and your only vantage point is from watching a TV monitor with a running loop of YESTERDAY’S video! That’s how close the media was able to penetrate the real Bob “Hurricane” Hannah.
You see, the Hurricane is loved by most for telling it like it is. Here’s how one journalist described him…”The John Wayne of dirt bikers, the Rocky Balboa of the clutch-and-throttle set. A real working-man’s ideal – not a California surfer type with Hollywood ambitions and television contracts. A genuine maverick, a system-bucker with more than a touch of the right stuff.” If you ask him a question, he’s man enough to give you an honest answer. But being honest and actually having an opinion, was pretty controversial even back then. Today – it’s just mind blowing if a motorcycle racer opens his mouth and forms an opinion (THANK GOD for MAT MLADIN – Bob’s “twin brother from another Mother”). Bob ruffled MORE than a few feathers back in the day…from riders, team managers, promoters, magazine editors, photographers…you name it. But there wasn’t anything he ever said, that he wouldn’t stand by or say again today. Buuuuuuuuut…there is a lot he’s never said – never told – never shared with his fans! Stuff he NEVER shared with the media!