and personality – across all forms of athletics – than ANY championship title he may have earned on a motorcycle.



    Before I could do anything with Hannah
    Racing Products, I had to put myself through
   “Hurricane University”. I kid you not.
   Although I’m clearly biased, I missed the prime
  of his career. A ten year age gap and a boyfriend
  will do that. But that’s a great story for another
  day! I met the Hurricane in 1985, but it wasn’t
  until ’95, that I knew I’d spend the rest of my
  life with Bob. I was fortunate enough to see him capture the last National win of his career, on the first day we met at Millville – WOW! Not only that – it was my FIRST MX race. I guess you could say – he made QUITE a first impression. Make that a
        DOUBLE for my boyfriend.
                      Bob not only beat him on the racetrack, but at a few other things too! Poor guy…didn’t stand a chance against the Hurricane. But even after knowing Bob all these years, it wasn’t until I really sat down and read all the race reports, magazines & newspaper articles…went through the photo’s andscrapbooks…watched a dizzy array of videos – DANG – that I really got a handle on his racing career. Now I get it people. I’ve
been fully “Hannah-tized”! I’ve always been
crazy about him – but now I’ve become a huge
Hurricane fan too.
So here’s the game plan…I’m basically going to run Hannah Racing Products for gits & shiggles – all in fun – no serious gear or liability. We’ll leave that to the heavy hitters, such as our good friend’s Eddie Cole with 661/Sunline, and Yamaha Motor Company. And although Bob’s here to help out – offer his opinions and answer a MILLION QUESTIONS – he’s made this my pet project. So love it or hate it – don’t throw stones at him!
Remember, the same kid that put 100% commitment into his racing career, is now doing the same with his aviation career. The man will NEVER retire – he’d go NUTS! So, with his help and the help from a few old school friends – especially “Walt the Wizard” – we’ve put together a collection of apparel and accessories, that I really believe capture “The Hurricane” and represents vintage Hannah Racing Products.