and personality – across all forms of athletics – than ANY championship title he may have earned on a motorcycle.

There will never be another Hurricane, because the sport that allowed this kid with nothing to live his dream, has given into greed, and destroyed the dreams of kids who don’t have parents with big bank accounts. I believe modern day MX is beyond the point of no return. Maybe it’s because…when you have that much money involved, the almighty dollar will always come first – not the riders or the fans? I don’t know? But why else would we even be having the discussion of eliminating the outdoor Nationals? Why have the tracks become much more dangerous? Or, why have we seen the AMA turn their backs on drug testing…when we see some of our favorite riders struggle with the demons that have struck down some of our favorite old school heroes?

There is one thing I do know…old school and new school MX are such completely different animals, that you have to appreciate them both for what one was…and for what the other has become. As our beloved David Bailey recently said, “Who’s manning this ship, anyway?”. I’d love to be proven wrong about MY OPINION on all this…but I have little faith. But thankfully, every magazine, newsletter and fan forum seems to be trying to hold the industry accountable – so we’ll leave the heavy lifting to them! We could get Bob rattled up about it…but to be honest with you, he gave up a looooong time ago.

As to that ‘other’ drumbeat – I have a lot more faith in this one – and Bob hasn’t given up on it yet either! So here we go! Bob can’t say “THANKS” to each and every one of you, so I thought – what better way to show a little appreciation to the fans, than to dust off a few Hurricane scrapbooks…crack open a few old boxes of memorabilia…pester a few old friends in the industry…and re-launch, “HANNAH RACING PRODUCTS”!!
We may not be able to Hannah-tize the sport…but we sure as heck can have some fun Hannah-tizing the fans!