and personality – across all forms of athletics – than ANY championship title he may have earned on a motorcycle.

Just ask yourself… weren’t you dying for Jeremy and RC to smack talk even a TINY bit?! Some guys spent their entire careers worrying about what other people thought about them. While others worried more about how they looked and having a good time. And some were soooooo quiet, you don't hardly remember they were there.And I’m NOT trying to take anything away from their accomplishments...but what ever happened to all the great “characters” in this sport?!

Would you prefer robots out there on bikes?! Because that’s what it feels like some times. COME ONE…

the fans love it AND hate it when the top guys smack talk and show a little personality! Why do think Muhammad Ali IS who he is to this day?! It adds excitement and drama to the sport. There’s nothing worse
than 1st through 3rd hugging on each other – yuck. I want to see 2nd and 3rd pissed!
And how about the podium??!
Remember the days of the Hurricane on the podium… the BEST.
Give the man a microphone – and watch out!!

Ding-ding…here’s an idea. If you really want Bob to leave a lasting
legacy, it should be to train riders on how to work a crowd and entertain the fans –
all while STILL getting in the all important sponsor plugs.

When’s the last time you heard a top rider smack talk another rider?  There’s been a lovefest going on in Motocross for about the last 15 years and it’s sooooooooo boring. And heck, riders can’t even ‘bump’ into one another nowadays without the AMA twisting shorts – at their discretion…of course.

Not that I’m suggesting
they play favorites…cough.
Yet, they use nothing but
shots of bangin’ and
crashin’ to promote the
sport on TV.

Answ er me this…if you walked into a convention center and knew
you had to pick one room to sit and listen to one former champion speak for one
hour…who would it be? Here are your choices ~ Bob Hannah, Broc Glover, Rick Johnson, Jeff Ward, Jeff Stanton, Jeremy McGrath or Ricky Carmichael. Bob’s room wouldn’t even need a sign! All you’d have to listen for is the laughter – and look for the standing room only. Hey – pose the same question to a group of journalists or industry peers – take your pick, and see what the answer would be.