and personality – across all forms of athletics – than ANY championship title he may have earned on a motorcycle.

I’ll also miss the crowd and bullcrapping with them – talking hunting, the sun, girls, airplanes – anything they want to talk about. Instead, there’s more of a race to get to the airport after the race, than there is on the track. Myself, Weinert, Tony D.
and those guys would hang around till dark - hangin’
out with everybody and signing autographs.
We would never fly back on the
same day as the race.
A racer is a nobody
without his fans. I love
the fans. They make the
sport.” He made these
comments to a reporter
in 1986 – before the
introduction of the big
factory rigs and rider RV’s.
IMAGINE what he thinks now?!

Sadly missed in this sport, are the days when riders used to entertain us both on and off the race track. And no
one was better than the Hurricane. Notoriously,
crowds would swarm around Bob’s box van loooong
after the race was over – just to see the show.

Late in his career, he chastised his fellow riders for
leaving fans high and dry after the races - and playing
too nice with each other ON the track…“I’ll miss a lot
of things,” he said, “I guess what I’ll miss the most will
be the actual hard race, the close contact race, and I mean
the close contact. We don’t have enough of that these
days, there are too many sissies. I like bumping, and
don’t mean that ramming stuff, I mean BUMPING – close aggressive riding – like I had with DeCoster and Howerton.

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